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Transform your R&D and marketing strategies with AI-enabled consumer intelligence.
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Quantify Culture
Decode the zeitgeist by continuously scanning social media, news, search, and identifies emerging narratives to understand your customer wants, needs, and pain points.
Uncover growth drivers behind any trend
Identify which channels are shaping narratives
Forecast consumer interest with unmatched accuracy
Success Stories
Theres been no platform that I’ve been more impressed with in regards to their ability to essentially decode the zeitgeist and quantify culture.
Matt KleinGlobal Head of Foresight
Reddit in 2 Minutes
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AI-enabled insights that drive growth
Up to10xfaster desktop researchBillions of data points from the most diverse data sources on the market, summarized in a beautiful AI-generated summary in under 60 seconds.
Up to30%faster time-to-marketBy analyzing thousands of consumer signals to spot the ones with exponential growth potential.
Up to20%marketing ROI boostLeverage inflection points to understand what is driving a trend and where channel messaging will return the highest engagament rates.
Why we’re different
Plug & Play PlatformNo implementation needed. Start today
Unlimited ResearchNo data source add-ons. No limited data history. No BS
No PrerequisitesAn all-in-one platform designed to scale with your business.
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